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Mark McGrath on the Ugly Truth About Sugar Ray (And Why Their New Album Still Rocks) -

Sugar Ray are back " but frontman Mark McGrath admits the ’90s pop-rockers never really left. He also reveals, “I never claimed not to be a douche.”

In a hilarious interview with Rolling Stone, McGrath opens up about new album Music For Cougars, which is out today and his...

Sugar Ray Returns With New Album In July -

After a stint co-hosting the celebrity news show “Extra,” Mark McGrath is back full-time as the frontman of Sugar Ray as the band preps for the release of their first full album of new material in six years.

“Music for Cougars,” the follow-up to 2003’s “In Pursuit of Leisure,” comes out July 21...

New Sugar Ray Album -

After a six year hiatus Sugar Ray is returning with a new album titled "Music for Cougars" and a summer tour in support of it. The album is scheduled to come out July 21 and will feature guest appearences from Rivers Cuomo, Donovan Frankenreiter, Josh Freese, Dean Butterworth, Wayne...

Sugar Ray Is Coming Back With ‘Music For Cougars’ -

Sugar Ray is trying to make a comeback!

Mark McGrath is attempting to revive the music that he made so popular in the nineties. The band is preparing a comeback and is set out to support their new album, “Music For Cougars”, which is due out on July 21st.

Third Eye Blind -

erhaps no band better encapsulated '90s radio than San Fran pop punksters Third Eye Blind, whose infectious, distortion-drenched, climb-up-climb-down melodies practically knighted them as guardians of anthemic airwave rock. Frontman Stephan Jenkins charmed his audiences with a poor man's Bono routine, stretching into raspy vocal lisps and sandpapery falsettos whenever...

Lenny Kravitz - Black and White America -

Right at the start of Black and White America, Lenny Kravitz puts himself into context. "In 1963 my [white] father married a black woman," he sings, on the album’s title-track. "And when they walked down the street they were in danger." This, then, is clearly heartfelt " and, indeed,...

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