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Alec Empire: Shivers -

After the critical acclaim of 2008’s, The Golden Foretaste of Heaven, Berlin’s favourite anti-hero, Alec Empire releases Shivers, a 7 track mini-album that serves up as a little taster for his highly anticipated new album out later this year.   This is the most recent output from The Hellish Vortex, the...

Atari Teenage Riot announce US Tour -

Atari Teenage Riot

“It’s rare in a world now ruled by Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber to hear music that is so angry with itself and with everything else around it. But ATR’s overwhelming energy is difficult to deny, and difficult not to admire " preferably from a safe...

Pierre de Reeder - The Way That It Was (2008) -

The past few weeks I’ve been listening to co-founding member of Rilo Kiley, Pierre de Reeder’s, solo album, The Way That It Was. It’s got some really solid songs on it, and if you are looking for new easy listening summer/fall music, it’s definitely worth your time to check out.


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