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Lydia - Assailants (2010) -

It is certainly always a disappointment when a group loses a vital member.  Lydia's 2010 release, Assailants, took a big hit after losing their female vocalist Mindy White.  I can't in good conscience say that this was a sore listen, it's definitely still Lydia and still bearable.  The dynamic between...

Vocalist Leaves Lydia -

Mindy White, vocalist and keyboardist for Lydia, has announced her departure from the band. A message from White was posted on her Tumblr.

I’m writing to announce something that seems to have been slowly circling around the last few weeks. To...

Lydia with Anthony Green: Baby, It's Cold Outside -

PETA2 is hosting a free download of a song recorded by Lydia, Anthony Green of Circa Survive, Stephen Laurenson from Copeland and Dan Schwartz Good Old War. The track is a cover of the Christmas staple, "Baby It's Cold Outside."You can download the track...

Lydia Lunch: Big Sexy Noise -

An interesting life, you cannot claim that Lydia Koch hasn't had one of these. Now aged 50, she has teetered on the edge of insanity, taken sexual partners from both sides of the gender divide, performed sex-acts for film, dallied with substance abuse, and then there's her friends.

J. G. Thirlwell,...

The Spill Canvas Go On Hiatus -

The members of Sioux Falls-based national recording act The Spill Canvas are taking a break. It's unclear when, or even if, they'll reunite.

"The band is on a bit of a hiatus," drummer Joe Beck responded to questions on Facebook from the Argus Leader.

"We need some time to refresh the music...

Ace Enders And A Million Different People New Album - When I Hit The Ground -

Already a household name from his early days as frontman of al-rock heroes The Early November, ACE ENDERS is gearing up for the release of When I Hit the Ground on March 17 2009 via Drive-Thre/Vagrant Records. Taking the name du jour of Ace Ender and a Million Different People,...


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