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Damn Yankees! Ride Again? -

Bravewords.com reports that Jack Blades of Night Ranger hinted in an interview that there might be another Damn Yankees collaboration in the works.

You remember the early 90’s when The Nuge got together with Jack, Tommy Shaw from Styx and Michael Cartellone. They recorded two albums, one being a...


Rock Gone Wild marks the only festival appearance for SAIGON KICK â€" featuring Matt Kramer and Phil Varone â€" in 2009.

Rock Gone Wild will feature more than 50 bands on two stages over four days of hard rock and heavy metal. The festival promises four decades of rock n' roll...

GREAT WHITE Singer Forced To Miss Redondo Beach Concert, XYZ's TERRY ILOUS Steps In -

Due to a "medical emergency," GREAT WHITE's Jack Russell was reportedly forced to sit out last night's (Thursday, August 12) concert at the Brixton in Redondo Beach, California. His replacement for the show was Terry Ilous of XYZ.

Steve Brownlee, manager for Joshua Peraha and the band JOSHUA, tells BLABBERMOUTH.NET, "It...

David Lee Roth: Still Crazy From The Heat -

Say what you will about David Lee Roth…but you’ve got to admit, the man is entertaining as hell. Is there really any conversation that needs to be entertained in regards to Van Halen vs. Van Hagar? Seriously. The band’s self-titled debut, Van Halen, is by far the best album...

Album review: Kingdom Come - Magnified -

Kingdom Come are no new arrivals, but you’d be forgiven for not having heard of them. Formed over two decades ago, Lenny Wolf’s band enjoyed a short-lived successful streak off the back of their eponymous 1988 début, but their inability to do much beyond sounding like a Led Zeppelin tribute...

Vixen AnnaLynne McCord Number Leaked on Facebook -

Posted on September 7th, 2010 by andPOP Staff

Hilarious! TMZ is reporting that hottie AnnaLynne McCord’s phone number was leaked on Facebook last week, and the details surrounding the leak are pretty funny.

McCord apparently was at a fault during a traffic...

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